Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What are your quality assurance processes?

At Number Five, each one of the products we produce are carefully inspected using our high scale modeling standards to ensure perfect products on each one of your purchases. Our policiy is quite simple: either you get 100% perfect products, or a refund/replacement, no questions asked. As scale modeleres, we strive for perfection in each one of our paints, and we're sure that customers who trusted us with the outcome of their model assemblies are exactly on the same page.

Where can I buy Number Five products?

Our products are currently distributed worldwide by our network of partners, both online and offline. Please check our Where to buy section for a list of several of our online resellers.

How can I start selling Number Five products?

If you want to become our partner, please contact us at along with your store details for further information about our wholesale conditions and prices.

Can my store ship your paints?

There are no restictions for ground shipping of Number Five paints. If you plan to ship our paints via air, there are also no restrictions on all our 30ml products, since they are fully compliant with IATA regulations "HazMats in Excepted Quantities (EQ)" (30ml or smaller containers, up to a grand total of 1 liter per parcel). For products in bigger containers (50ml / 100ml products), the least common in our full range, air shipping restrictions may apply: please contact with your logistic partners in these cases for further instructions.