Airbrush paint for scale models: 037 White (ref. N5-C073)

N5-C073: Airbrush paint for  scale models: 037 White
Designed by Lancia, this white color was used to paint all the Lancia 037 Rally that were manufactured. It is the perfect color to use for Hasegawa scale models.

  • Status: Available
  • Family: Paint for airbrush
  • Reference: N5-C073
  • Item: 037 White
  • Contains: 1 x 30ml
  • To be used with: Arena Modelli references ARE282, ARE328 and ARE471, or Hasegawa references 20299, 20399, 20414, 20447, 20523, 20566, 25030, CR-30, HACR30, 25030 and CR-30, or Model Factory Hiro references MFH-K489, K-489, MFH-K490, K-490, MFH-K491, K-491, MFH-K504, K-504, MFH-K505, K-505, MFH-K506, K-506, MFH-K507, K-507, MFH-K514, K-514, MFH-K515, K-515, MFH-K517, K-517, MFH-K518, K-518, MFH-K550, K-550, MFH-K557, K-557, MFH-K558, K-558, MFH-K559, K-559, MFH-K560 and K-560, or Reji Model references REJI-098, REJI-108, REJI-109, REJI-150, REJI-211, REJI-223, REJI-234 and REJI-251, or Renaissance Models reference TK24-107, or Studio27 references ST27-DC097D, ST27-DC1119 and ST27-DC1130
  • HazMats contents: 1 x 30ml Paint (UN1263 class 3 PGIII)
  • Shippping restrictions:
    • Ground: no restrictions
    • Air: can be shipped worldwide under IATA regulations "HazMats in Excepted Quantities (EQ)" (30ml or smaller containers, up to a grand total of 1 liter per parcel)

MSRP: 6.99€