Airbrush paint for scale models: MP4 Red (ref. N5-C099)

N5-C099: Airbrush paint for  scale models: MP4 Red
Fluorescent red color tone as used in the McLaren MP4/6. It has been specially made for use in the Tamiya, Revell and Tameo models.

  • Status: Available
  • Family: Paint for airbrush
  • Reference: N5-C099
  • Item: MP4 Red
  • Contains: 1 x 30ml
  • To be used with: Fujimi references FJ09044, GP10, 090443, FJ090443, FJ090443, 09044, GP10, FJ09044, FJ090511, 09051, GPSP-7, FJ09073, FJ090730, 090730, 090733, FJ090818, 09081, GP-38, FJ091501, 09150, GPSP-26, FJ091693, GP-53, FJ09173, FJ092133, 09213, FJ09213 and FUJ09213, or Meng Model reference RS-004, or Tameo Kits references TMK137, TMK149 and WCT091
  • HazMats contents: 1 x 30ml Paint (UN1263 class 3 PGIII)
  • Shippping restrictions:
    • Ground: no restrictions
    • Air: can be shipped worldwide under IATA regulations "HazMats in Excepted Quantities (EQ)" (30ml or smaller containers, up to a grand total of 1 liter per parcel)

MSRP: 6.99€