Polish for scale models: Fine polishing compound (ref. N5-F006)

N5-F006: Polish for  scale models: Fine polishing compound
The Number5 "N5-F006 Fine polishing compound" is the result of extensive testing for developing a fine polish that provides an impressive finish to your scale model cars, trucks and bikes, thanks to the micro-abrasive technology used that will quickly remove paint defects on your kits. It's really easy to apply and to wipe-off. After finishing the first polishing process with "N5-F005 Medium polishing compound", place a small amount of product on a cotton pad and gently rub the surface to be polished. The process can be repeated several times until the desired finish is achieved.

  • Status: Available
  • Family: Polish
  • Reference: N5-F006
  • Item: Fine polishing compound
  • Contains: 1 x 50ml
  • HazMats contents: 1 x 50ml Paint (UN1263 class 3 PGIII)
  • Shippping restrictions:
    • Ground: no restrictions
    • Air: can't be shipped

MSRP: 9.99€