Additive for scale models: Anti-silicone additive (ref. N5-F018)

N5-F018: Additive for  scale models: Anti-silicone additive
This anti-silicone additive is used to eliminate the paint craters produced by the contamination of silicones, fats, oils, etc. It can be used with both Number Five paints as well as acrylic or solvent-based paints by other manufacturers. Add a maximum of 3% of the product to the total amount of paint, mix and apply the paint as usual.

  • Status: Production ending (remaining stock)
  • Family: Additive
  • Reference: N5-F018
  • Item: Anti-silicone additive
  • Contains: 1 x 30ml
  • HazMats contents: 1 x 30ml Paint (UN1263 class 3 PGIII)
  • Shippping restrictions:
    • Ground: no restrictions
    • Air: can be shipped worldwide under IATA regulations "HazMats in Excepted Quantities (EQ)" (30ml or smaller containers, up to a grand total of 1 liter per parcel)

MSRP: 7.99€