Hobby tool for scale models: Polishing pad (ref. N5-T003)

N5-T003: Hobby tool for  scale models: Polishing pad
This product consists of a polishing pad together with a mini-drill adapter pad, featuring an "on/off' detachable system that allows the pad to be easily removed from the holder. To use it, simply place a small drop of Number Five's polish on the perimeter of the pad, select the slowest turning speed on your drill, and make slow strokes with the pad over the paint of your scale model until you achieve the desired shine. In just a few seconds you will achieve a completely shiny surface !!! Without any doubts, this product (so "simple" in sight) is an absolutely essential tool on any modeler's workbench for car, motorcycle or truck scale modeling.

  • Status: Production ending (remaining stock)
  • Family: Hobby tool
  • Reference: N5-T003
  • Item: Polishing pad
  • Includes: other materials
  • To be used with: Number Five references N5-F005, N5-F006, N5-F019 and N5-F020
  • Shippping restrictions:
    • Ground: no restrictions
    • Air: No restrictions

MSRP: 19.99€